Pesticides 101

PESTICIDES 101 With an approximate 247 million year head start on humans, it’s probable we’ve been battling insects from the get-go. And domination over them seems to be our ultimate goal. However, last century made us well aware that exterminating insects leads to the eradication of many others on this planet, including humans. Broad-based pesticide use cannot be sustained much longer. We’ve got to get smarter. We’ve got to put aside chemicals and find more natural ways to limit crop damage. If only. INDUSTRIAL: Agricultural pesticide use is actually growing despite strong evidence that it isn’t working. And the chemical industry doesn’t seem to care if products work or not. Chemical companies sell chemicals. Period. They lobby hard to get politicians to trust what they say. And politicians, bribed or not, allow them to go about their business unfettered. Industry derived reports are

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Neonicotinoids & Garden Centre Plants

Neonicotinoids (neonics) are synthetic systemic pesticides applied to crops & plants via
seed coatings, sprays, injection, or granules that are absorbed throughout the entire
plant: stems, leaves, flowers, pollen & nectar. Even at low levels, exposure to these
pesticides impairs a bee’s ability to function. And more independent research is coming
forward showing the casualty list is much greater than bees.

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