No one wants to wake one day to find they have uninvited company. Yet, however unfortunate, many of us do. Maybe it’s ants, fleas or another of the numerous insects that make our homes their homes.

Little Buggers! offers practical advice on the most common insects we’re likely to discover along with helpful information, pictures and preventative measures for homes and gardens.


[This book] hits the reader with precision and a straight to the point voice that commands the reader’s attention. If you are looking for a way to not only rid yourself of an insect infestation but understand the nature of the bugs who have crawled their way into your home, then grab your copy of “Little Buggers!: How to Identify, Treat and Prevent Insect Infestation” by Tess Watson today!

Rating: 10/10

Anthony Avina, author of YA series, Nightmare Academy

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Bugs! Ewwww! I live in a part of the world where we don’t have many, but people keep bringing them. Florida cockroaches calmly walking up my fridge one day for example, I hear that bedbugs are a thing now too. An interview on bedbugs heard the radio,”you don’t have a right to not be infested”. Well OK when it happens, and it will, talk to Tess. She will set you straight Good Information, well written, adequate photos. Jerald W.Blackstock BFA